Promote Author Buzz – The First Batch

Here is a selection of HTML codes that can be added to custom HTML widgets as well as in theme designs to display ads for Author Buzz. Some themes off ad spaces. Our aim is to support all shapes and sizes.

Simple Square

This ad is 125px by 125px

<a href="" title="Author Buzz"><img src="" alt="Author Buzz" /></a>

Author Buzz

How to run a terrible author Twitter account

Promote one of our most popular articles – all the wrong things to do with your Twitter account.

This one is quite a beast (it’s big) so make sure you have lots of room before inserting it into a widget or theme. Its default width is 264px and height is 450px.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="How to suck at Twitter" /></a>

How to suck at Twitter

Promote the Forums

The forum ad’s default size is 264px wide by 150px tall.

<a href="" title="Ask questions - get answers"><img src="" alt="Ask questions - get answers" /></a>

Ask questions - get answers

Promote the diectory

The default ad size for the directory is the same as the forum ad. 264px by 150px.

<a href="" title="Free advertising on Author Buzz"><img src="" alt="Free advertising on Author Buzz" /></a>

Free advertising on Author Buzz

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